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Mrs. G Spring Cleaning!
Palm Beach Boat Show Divers

Get your boat bottom cleaned, zincs renewed, thru-hulls cleaned, and running gear ready for Spring and Summer cruising. Mrs. G Diving will give your boat the detailed attention it deserves! Contact Us today for the best underwater boat bottom work in South Florida!

Palm Beach Boat Show Divers
2022 Palm Beach Boat Show

The Palm Beach Boat Show was March 24 through 27, 2022. Needed your boat bottom cleaned for the Show? New zincs and thru-hulls cleaned for cruising? Mrs. G Diving is standing by ready to give great service; both on time and on budget. Contact Us soon for the best divers in South Florida; Mrs. G Diving.

2022 Miami Yacht Shows
Miami Super Yacht Shows

February 16-20, 2022 were the dates for 2022 Miami Yacht Show, Super Yacht Miami and the Miami International Boat Show. The Miami Yacht Show is located at One Harald Plaza, Biscayne Bay- Sea Island Marina to MacArthur Causeway and the Super Yacht Miami show is at Island Gardens Deep Harbor at Watson Island.

Miami Yacht Show Preview

2022 Miami Boat Show
2022 Miami Boat Show

The Miami International Boat Show is located at Herald Plaza, Sea Isle Marina, Island Gardens Marina and the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Get your bottom cleaned, thru-hulls cleaned and renewed zincs from Mrs. G Diving for the Miami Boat and Yachts Shows or for smooth running for the winter season. Contact Us today for an appointment for a job well done.

2021 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
2021 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show was October 27 - 31, 2021. Mrs. G was standing by to have your bottom cleaned, thru-hulls cleared, zincs renewed, and running gear inspected. Contact Us today for profesional service. No job too tough!

Mrs. G Diving Now Has a CavibBlaster Underwater Cleaning Tool!
Caviblaster Underwater Cleaning Tool

The CaviBlaster Underwater Cleaning Tool is the latest addition to Mrs. G's Diving operations for faster and safer cleaning of boat bottoms, docks, commercial applications and much more. Cavitation cleaning is the way to go!
See the images, movie and reasons why you want Mrs. G Diving using CaviBlaster for your next project. Click for the Mrs. G Diving CavibBlaster Page.

Contact Us today for commercial diver services.

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